Domestic & Residential

Choose your garage door from Taurean Door Systems innovative residential door range and you'll show your sense of style. Whether you choose a sectional door, a roller door or a premium insulated panel door selecting a distinctive Taurean® door design will enhance the value and security of your home. With Taurean you get security and style!

Classic Range Sectional Door

Introducing this much anticipated, new sectional door from Taurean Door Systems – Taurean® Classic Range. Its innovative combination of style and security takes the Taurean® collection to another level.

Innovation is a goal we constantly strive for and it has been a major factor in the design and development of this new range.

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NovaTaur® Residential Roller Door

Australia’s newest roller door comes with the deepest profile to ensure a strength and rigidity not possible before in roller doors. NovaTaur® roller door also features the safest tracks in Australia. TauraEdge® safety tracks are patented and exclusive to Taurean® door systems so make sure you ask for them by name.

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The Pr1me Collection

The Pr1me Collection is prominent for its quality design and value, made possible by decades of design knowledge. Unbeatable balance and smooth motion of the doors which you can feel for yourself and which is retained for years of operation.

Each door has a stylish curtain made from the highest quality steel and is available in a wide range of popular colours and in a full range of opening sizes up to 3100mm high and up to 5400mm wide to suit single and double car garages for your home and larger sheds and buildings.

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Business & Commercial

Our commercial door range takes the strongest features of the residential products range and enhances them to deliver an innovative combination of strength, long life, style and colour. They're ideal for the factory, apartment complex or self-storage facility.

The Commando Collection

With the Commando Collection,  you’ll get a door designed and developed through decades of industry knowledge that operates smoothly with ideal balance from a springing system engineered to provide years of use.

Each door is made from quality COLORBOND® steel, and available in a full range of sizes up to 5100mm high and 5100mm wide to suit small commercial factories, sheds or other buildings.

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NovaTaur® Commercial Roller Door

NovaTaur® – the newest commercial roller door on the market – is the complete package. First, the NovaTaur® roller door is designed to be super strong with a deep profile and thick curtain (0.55 mm) to ensure the ultimate rigid curtain. Then, we use the largest range of springs so you have the best-balanced door available.

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Mini Warehouse Roller Doors

Taurean® Door Systems are specialists in supplying super quality roller doors for self storage facilities, small or large in all the most popular colours and some fancy ones.

Accessories such as door handles, lift rope, locks, even dual security locks are all available and give a wide range of options for most facilities.

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Secura-T Roller Shutters

The Taurean® Secura-T range of roller shutters are a traditional design proven to withstand many years of operation in even the harshest of situations. They are custom built to provide unbeatable balance and smooth motion which provide the best industrial doors available. Each shutter is constructed using interlocking slats which provide strength and security while retaining the flexibility required to operate smoothly.

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