About Us

Solid corporate foundation

A part of Stramit, Taurean Door Systems is the partner of choice for door resellers, shed manufacturers and self-storage facility builders who want to grow their business. With more than 30 years’ experience as a result of our Creeks Industries chapter, our customers can be confident they’re getting top shelf products and services every time.


End-to-end service

Our end-to-end service means we’ve got our customers covered at every stage of the manufacturing and delivery process. We do so by guaranteeing our production, dispatch and ordering processes. Our investment in safety is what sets us apart. We offer market-leading features as standard, making them safe and easy to install.


National dispatch network

With one of the fastest production times in the market, and an extensive national dispatch network, we can get orders out quickly and efficiently, meaning less pressure on our customer’s businesses and faster outcomes for their customers.

We pride ourselves on building door systems that are ‘Taurean Strong’. This reputation is built on quality, reliability and attentive customer service. The performance of each product is backed by exhaustive research and development at our R&D facilities. In-house product testing is carried out on an ongoing basis.


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