Residential Garage Doors

  • Garage doors are often the largest moving objects in the home and when a large object moves there is an element of danger to any person near it so all householders should make every attempt to reduce any risk of injury to themselves, visitors and in particular any children.
  • If the garage door is automated with an opener and remote devices it is essential to follow the safety recommendations of the manufacturer of the opener.


Safety Recommendations

  • Operation of the garage door should only be done by adults, do not allow children to operate the door.
  • Children should be supervised when the door is in use.
  • Only operate the door when people are a safe distance away from the door.
  • Only operate the door when the door is in full view and free from objects including people, pets, cars, bikes, toys and so on.
  • Ensure that the door is fully open before driving into or out of the garage.
  • Regular maintenance of the door is required, please refer to the door care section on this website for further details.
  • Please contact Taurean┬« Door Systems for more advice or to book a service.


Residential garage doors in use with an automation system (opener)