Mini Warehouse Roller Doors

Taurean® Door Systems are specialists in supplying super quality roller doors for self storage facilities, small or large in all the most popular colours and some fancy ones.

Accessories such as door handles, lift rope, locks, even dual security locks are all available and give a wide range of options for most facilities.

As with all other Taurean® roller doors the curtain is manufactured using the highest quality steel, nylon drum wheels, pressed steel brackets allowing the smoothest operating door on the market.


  • Smooth and quiet using quality nylon braided edging
  • Moulded nylon drum wheels ensuring quiet running
  • Low maintenance, no grease required
  • Nylon bottom rail plug assists with smooth operation



  • Track stops ensuring the door remains in the tracks
  • No sharp edges
  • Smooth edged door handle for manual doors
  • Locking bars for added security on manual doors
  • Optional automation available for “no touch” door operation
  • Compatible with the TauraEdge® system


Long Life

  • Galvanised brackets and tracks for corrosion protection
  • Springing system designed for more than 20,000 cycles
  • Quality Bluescope Colorbond® curtain steel

Weather Protection

  • Flexible sealing strip attached to the bottom rail for prevention of leaves and rain entering the garage

Bottom Rail

  • Light bottom rail for stability and ease of closing

COLORBOND® is a registered Trademark of BlueScope Steel.